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The Board of Accountancy of the North Dakota State Board of Accountancy (hereafter referred to as “governing body”) will be holding a regular meeting on July 28, 2020 at 11:00am. The meeting will be held at via tele-conference. Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

At the time this notice is being prepared, the governing body expects the agenda of its meeting to include the following topics:

  1. Officer Selection
  2. New Board Member
  3. Minutes (April 28, 2020, June 9, 2020)                                                                        
  4. Financial Report (April 1-June 30)                                                 

Approve disbursements: (April 1-June 30)
Financial oversight update (Secretary)
Budget Amendments

5. COVID Update
              Ratify 12/31 NTS and Credit Extensions

6. CPE
              Completion and Fines

7.  UAA

8.  Other Business           
               Exam Accommodation
               Exam Applications- Ratify
               New Licensees- Ratify

 9. Complaints

    Investigations – Executive Session N.D.C.C. 43-02.2-10

            Disciplinary Cases – Potential Executive Session N.D.C.C. 44-04-19.1

10. Adjourn

Where noted, the discussion of some of the above topics may be held in executive session rather than during the portion of the meeting that is open to the public. If this is a regular meeting, additional topics may be discussed. If this is a special or emergency meeting, the governing body’s discussion will be limited to the topics and executive sessions listed above.

Date of Notice: July 15, 2020

Prepared By: Mandy Harlow       

Phone Number: 701-775-7100

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