Certemy Renewal Instructions

Certemy Renewal Instructions

Log into Certemy link here Make sure you are on the “My Credentials” tab. Click the Accept button on CPA Exam Licensure, CPA Substantial Equivalency or CPA Grade Transfer whichever is displayed on your screen and click Proceed into Certemy.

Four Steps will populate on the right-hand side of your screen, start at the top with Step One the License Registration and work your way down to Step Three the Payment. Step Four the Administrative Review will be completed by the Board Staff.

If you check the box that you do not hold out for public accounting your renewal will be approved and your registration will be complete for the year.

If you check the box that you hold out for public accounting in the License Registration your CPE Report will be assigned to you when your initial License Registration is approved.

You will receive an email from Certemy when your CPE report is assigned to you. Open the email and click the link to log into Certemy. On the “My Credentials” tab you will see Continuing Professional Education. Accept the credential and click Proceed into Certemy.

Three steps will populate along the right-hand side of your screen. Start with step one and work your way through step three.

Step One: Each course must be entered individually in step one then click Submit. To enter another course, you must click the Close Window button DO NOT CLICK CONFIRM LOG until you have entered all of your CPE. Once you click that button it cannot be undone. Enter all your courses and click Confirm Log and Submit. Click Back to my Credentials (in blue) along the top left of your screen.

Step Two: Enter the total number of credits reported for the last 3 years and click Continue and Confirm.

Step Three: The attestation, check yes and continue. Use your mouse curser to draw your name in the box and click Submit.

Once the CPE step is approved your new license card for 2023-24 will be generated. Your Receipt for your Registration and License card are located on the My Digital Wallet tab. You can download and print those at your convenience.