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Below you will find this week's updates:

  • Continuation of Enhanced Test Center Policies- Mask Policies

    Prometric requires everyone appearing at a Prometric testing center to wear an approved face covering for the duration of their time at the location, including test takers and test center staff. This policy is in accordance with Prometric’s documented Safety Plan and the continuing guidance from leading public health officials that state wearing face coverings, along with other precautions, significantly reduces the risk of coronavirus transmission.

    This provision will remain in force, even in jurisdictions that have recently adopted less rigorous COVID-19 policies. Individuals not in compliance with this policy will not be allowed to sit for their scheduled appointment.

    We have informed all of our test center staff that our current policies shall remain in effect, and have posted a notice on the COVID-19 updates tab on Prometric.com, as well as on our company LinkedIn and Twitter pages. We encourage you to share this information with your candidates through the appropriate channels to help ensure have a successful testing experience on their exam day.
  • Testing Center Network

    98% of Prometric's global test center network is open and operational to test. Please note that inclement weather or other unforeseen events can cause these numbers to fluctuate temporarily, as we enact temporary closures for safety purposes. A regional breakdown of open test centers across our network remains as follows:
    • Americas: 98% 
    • EMEA: 98%
    • APAC: 96%

We continue to utilize the safety plan and enhanced test center policies we developed with Johns Hopkins and other experts to ensure the safest test center experience for your candidates and our staff. 

  • Vital Resources for You and Your Candidates
    • Candidate Communications and Service: Prometric encourages candidates to utilize self-service tools for scheduling or rescheduling in-center or remote appointments, when possible for their program. This helps to ensure the quickest resolution to scheduling issues and to keep Candidate Cares resources available for candidates who need manual assistance. Please reiterate this best practice in any of your candidate-facing communications if you’re a testing program that enables candidates to self-service.

      For last-minute displacements due to COVID-19 restrictions, inclement weather, etc., candidates will receive this immediate notification via email to ensure they do not show up to their appointment. It may take a few days for the cancellation to appear in the scheduling system, but our teams will respond with follow up information. Make sure to remind candidates in your communications that this may take several days and they do NOT need to take any action or call for assistance.
    • Candidate COVID-19 FAQs: All COVID-19-related FAQs for candidates can be found by clicking the "COVID-19 update" tab on our homepage and selecting "COVID-19 FAQ." Other test taker FAQs can be found under the "Test Takers" tab on our homepage. There is a direct link to our COVID-19 FAQs on this page as well.
    • Site Status Updates: Prometric updates our Site Status and Site Closures lists daily on Prometric.com to capture any changes in program availability or occupancy restrictions at each test center, as well as reflect temporary closures due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Our site serves as the single source of truth, so please refer candidates who are looking to schedule an exam to these links.
    • Appointment Availability: We continue to see high online traffic and call volumes from candidates seeking appointments; and ask for your help in communicating to candidates that availability exists and how to best access information on scheduling and rescheduling. For those U.S. and Canadian clients with <4.5-hour appointments who receive our weekly appointment availability email, we encourage you to share markets with immediate availability out to your candidates via the appropriate mediums.

      For clients utilizing the ProProctor remote assessment platform, 24/7 testing remains available. For those that may be interested in pursuing this option, please speak to your account team.
    • Essential Client List: Prometric continues to work with test sponsors to determine which programs meet the criteria for "essential workforce." CISA has updated their guidance and evolved guidelines to assist in prioritizing the ability of essential workers to work safely, while supporting ongoing infrastructure operations across the nation—the latest of which can be found here. If you believe your test program meets the criteria for "essential workforce," be sure to work with your account team to be added to our essential client list.
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