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A number of government guidelines and regional mandates are beginning to require candidates to present PROOF OF VACCINATION at check-in in order to test. As of today, this only affects a small number of sites and candidates. However, NASBA does understand that additional regions may take this step and there might be variations on what proof is required. Thus, they are advising all candidates to bring the documentation provided to them by their medical provider at the time of vaccination. Prometric will continue to comply with regional and local/government guidance and mandates, so anywhere proof of vaccination is required they will work with you to make every effort to inform and educate candidates in advance. 

By Monday, September 27th, NASBA will update their current Site Status page at Prometric.com. The page moving forward will be titled “Sites Requiring Proof of Vaccination” in the header and the drop down menu on our home page. That page will maintain a list of test sites globally that require proof of vaccination in order to test. Note the URL to this page will not change, only the page title and menu header on the site will change. At the top of that site page, they will also post the following notification to candidates: “The following is a site list where candidates will be required to provide proof of vaccination prior to testing due to local mandates or guidelines. Anyone testing in these centers should be prepared to present the documentation provided to you at the time of your vaccination, in whatever form your medical provider issued.”

In additional to updating their website, they will update the candidate email confirmation advising all candidates that are affected or testing in a center with this new guideline in place. 

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